Closet Cleanout for Spring Cleaning!

It’s well past the start of Spring, but I finally got around to cleaning out my closet. I would like to say I don’t have much of an attachment to clothes, but I found myself giving items “another chance”. Eventually, I nailed it down and gotten rid of things I don’t even know why I even have or purchased.

The horrors of my closet:

Photo 4-17-2014, 6 03 35 PM
Donation Pile

I got this top from a thrift store for about $7. The first thought I had was… wow, great clubbing top! But man, those embellishments are annoying as hell! They’re uncomfortable when my arms are touching the top, they’re uncomfortable when they accidentally tug on a thread, etc. etc. I guess I was picturing a ’70s clubbing vibe when I purchased this shirt. Didn’t even worn it out to any parties because it was just so annoying. I mean, I think I look good in it but it’s just too annoying for me to wear out for several hours.

Photo 4-17-2014, 6 06 33 PM
Keeping It Pile

This floral button up shirt is from H&M, and my aunt got it for me back in China and sent it over. I think I’ve worn it just once but when I tried it on again, I sort of liked it… I don’t know why I decided to keep it since I’ve only worn it once, but I think it’s probably due to the colours and the fact that I lack conservative clothes for professional events/workplaces.

Keeping It Pile

My initial thoughts were to donate this item. I’ve had it for a while, perhaps since 9th or 10th grade? I haven’t worn it since high school. Back then, I’ll wear it with a grey tank top underneath but since I decided to try it with nothing underneath and just buttoned it up, I thought this could work out.

Photo 4-17-2014, 6 15 39 PM
Donation Pile

If you remember this gem, you’re golden! I can’t believe I still have this in my closet. I remember seeing this top in a thrift store and thought “Holy crap, this top is old…” but yet, I still have one in my closet. I knew instantly to donate it. It fits wonder, slightly tighter than before, but the thought of wearing it made me feel extremely old and cheap.

Photo 4-17-2014, 6 25 32 PM
Donation Pile

I got this top from ESPIRT in China. I was indifferent about it, but the store mannequin paired the blazer with this top which is why I ended up buying this top… does anyone else do that? Buy one piece but then see a mannequin pairing your loved item with another one and it looks so good you buy the paired item too? Anyways, I’ve worn it a few times overseas but since coming back to Canada with it, it hasn’t left my closet. Whenever I wear it, I also look and feel pregnant.

Keeping It Pile

I have only worn this once or twice since purchasing it back in 2011…! I love Hello Kitty and the only reason why I picked this HK top was to match the $60 min. for free shipping from F21. I decided to keep it because I love HK but also because I just don’t know how to feel about this top yet. It’s baggy, slightly comfy, and yeah, I don’t know what else to say about it. I thought it could be a “fashion” top, but it turns out to just be a very lightweight pullover sweater. I can myself just throwing this on top of a tank top or bikini top when the sun goes down in the summer.

Photo 4-17-2014, 6 27 18 PM
Donation Pile

Thank God that I did not purchase this top. Have you seen this top before? This is the type of fashionable top that is fashionable in… China (and nowhere else, people)! My aunt (like always) bought this top in both black (pictured above) and purple. They claimed it’s from an actual Chanel top but… let’s be real. I donated the purple one years ago and decided to give the black one a second try, but I just never wore it out. I’d feel embarrassed wearing a top like this out knowing it’s fake and really flashy.

Photo 4-17-2014, 6 32 54 PM
Donation Pile

I remember thrifting this too for about $5. I purchased it because I needed more sweaters and while I do love the fit and there’s nothing wrong with it, I just fell out of love with this top. I’ve only worn it once since purchasing it back in 2013.

Keeping it Pile

I have only worn this once since 2011 and the one time I wore it, I felt like a boy. Like the HK top, I remember grabbing this because I needed at least $60 for free shipping. I wanted to throw it away because of that sole feeling of it making me feel like a boy. But when I tried it on again… I sort of liked it. It comes with a lightweight hood which I’m not a fan of but overall, I like the top. I’ll give it a second go.

Photo 4-17-2014, 6 36 57 PM
Keeping It Pile

I got this back in China and it was one of the rare shirts that had correct English (praise the designer that went to school!). I wore it constantly back in China but since bringing it back to Canada, I haven’t worn it since. I like it, it’s lightweight, cute and really spring/summer like. I decided to keep it for a second chance and if I don’t wear it this year, I’ll be sure to get rid of it come next spring.

Keeping It Pile

Another case of picking it solely for the purpose of free shipping. When I first saw this on the website, I instantly pictured myself throwing this on top of my bikini on the beach. I wore this out once (not as a bikini cover up) and felt okay about it. It’s like a poncho, pretty much, so if I keep my arms down, it’ll look alright but once I raise my arm up… gahhhh, it looks horrible. I decided to keep it because I didn’t give it any chance when I bought it.

And so, I managed to get rid of 10 items (some not pictured) in this year’s closet cleanout. My dad just got back from vacation and he purchased a shit ton of new clothes for me so hopefully they match my taste!

I ended up keeping 6 of the original items I was considering donating. Not bad, considering I’ve only got 6 items to “try to love again”. Looking back at some of the stuff I’m donating makes me feel like I wasted money or clothes I’ve pictured myself in, but never wore it. That should be a new shopping wake up call!

6 thoughts on “Closet Cleanout for Spring Cleaning!

  1. I really like that striped pink one! I always try to go by the "buy one, toss one" rule when it comes to clothes. I literally don't buy hangers anymore so that when I run out I know that means I NEED to get rid of some clothes. haha!


  2. I love that you tried them all on and took pictures to share. The things we bloggers do! I need to go through my closet (again). UGH!


  3. I stopped buying hangers and one day, I just thought… holy crap, I'm running out of hangers and ended up donating a lot of crap clothes. Now, I feel uncomfortable when I'm starting to get low on hangers, lol


  4. I'm envious! Since my dad got back from vacation with suitcase of clothes, I'm back to square one! My closet is still a mess trying to figure out more clothes to get rid of #firstworldproblems


  5. Yessss, I don't recall the last time a closet clean out took so long, haha! #bloggerproblems I'm planning to go through my closet.. again, too! Good luck with your clean out!


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