My Week in Photos

I live an uninteresting life. I mean, what can possible happen to a fulltime student in a small college that doesn’t have a part time job or social life?

I don’t like to whine about school given that I believe post-secondary education is a blessing buuuut, it’s tiring. I’m so tired of taking midterms and finals and completing a final project that consist of a 15-20 minutes PowerPoint collection and a 10+ page essay reports every three weeks… yes, you’ve heard right, every three weeks. So, the next time you think you got it bad with exams, try midterms/finals/final projects every three weeks… it’s not fun.

And now you can probably see why I don’t have time for a social life or a part time job right now.

But, anyways, here’s some little tidbits of this week:


Due on Monday, my reports. Spent hours (and weekends) on this. If you’re wondering how Canadian I can get, I will do my projects on Canadian-based companies. Hockey is so widely accepted, my professors allow me to do an analysis on the Canucks, haha. How awesome?!

I told my friend I got a 99% and he said “Where’s the other 1%? Epic Asian fail.”


Here’s Derpina. You guys probably haven’t seen her since my previous post of welcoming her!


Guys, do yourself a favour and watch Archer on Netflix! It’s HILARIOUS, trust me! It’s currently on season 5 right now, sooooo… get watching! You won’t regret it!

But, anyways, I got myself 5 new books. 3 of which are mini “books” provided by my professor about religion. The other two books I picked up on Friday: Stalingrad and Did Jesus Exist?

Photo 3-28-2014, 12 18 47 PM
Here’s Summer ignoring me all morning.
Photo 3-28-2014, 7 23 30 PM
Sushi date with Arcy and Sharlotte again. We’re making it a weekly thing to hang out and catch up! Next week, I’m getting a pedicure with Arcy and then meeting up with Sharlotte to catch Divergent!
Photo 3-29-2014, 2 23 25 AM
Who doesn’t carry around $50 worth of two dollar coins?!
Hope you guys have a fantastic new week!

7 thoughts on “My Week in Photos

  1. I didn't start watching it obsessively until I tried watching season 1… again! It took me two times to get into Archer because when I first saw it, I was like you – it's pretty funny but something about it doesn't make me love it right away. Now that I'm all caught up on the series, I gotta wait weekly for new episodes 😦 #TVbingeproblems


  2. Hahaha, me too, I can't believe someone told me that I was an Epic Asian fail because of the 99%! The next day I went back to my prof and asked about the other 1% and he said, "Oh, you forgot to attach the support document for your analysis." and then I texted my friend saying "I lost the 1% because I forgot to print out a webpage…" I'm pretty sure he face palmed. 😛


  3. I totally get you. I go to uni in a small town too and it can get pretty dull! At least you have sushi restaurants! We only have 1 chinese restaurant and no other…hhaha. Anyway, still looking forward to your future posts of your 'uninteresting' life. 😛


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