My "Less Than $5" Look!

Yeah, I GIF-ed myself. Deal with it.

Did you know that my look from Arcy’s birthday was done with products that costed me less than $5?! (aka the look from above).

Photo 3-22-2014, 5 12 50 PM
Natural lighting with no edits. Kept everything pink-ish and light to match my dress. You can see the little bits of bright pink eyeshadow, and I’ll explain why I don’t wing my eyeliner or go outside my eyelid.

When it comes to make-up, you probably know that I don’t splurge because I’m not a make-up person. So, naturally most of my looks are simple and settled. I don’t wear make up on a daily basis so when I do wear make-up, it will dramatically changes enhances my features to make me look new, fresh and a “new person”. To be honest, during my selfies spree, there are times when I don’t even recognize myself. Isn’t make-up a funny thing?

But, I do wholeheartedly believe that make-up should be used to enhanced your beauty and not transform you. I have friends that I don’t recognize without their make-up, and that’s probably the saddest part. Without make-up, people should still recognize you easily.

You guys probably just want to jump into the beauty aspect… I mean, less than $5?!

My secret is shopping on eBay. Don’t panic like your hair is on fire. The make-up I purchased from eBay are completely new and sealed. They’re from China, but they’re not unhygienic or contaminated. I’ve been wearing “cheap” make-up for years and have done no harm to me. Plus, my relatives overseas often buys cosmetics for me to use.

Photo 3-23-2014, 3 22 01 AM
“Lidanxui” eyeshadow. One of the blue shades got broken when they shipped here. I didn’t want to wait for another replacement (despite it being free) because I have a similar colour from NYC.

I also have another palette (neutral colours) that I got off eBay. The top palette costed about $3.30 while the neutral palette about $2.90.

So, how does it compare to worldwide brands? Well, in comparison to my mini Too Faced palette, the Lidanxui colours were highly pigmented, just like Too Faced. I loved that so much. It’s more pigmented than Forever 21 and much cheaper too. It can literally last me an entire day and very few eyeshadows last long for me!

The only thing that got wiped off was my lipstick. Excuse the horrible angle and lighting!
The pictures made it look a bit dull, but the pink was still vibrant as earlier! It never lost its colour throughout the night. My blush actually lasts all day too – and that was only $1.

The GIF above demonstrates how my eyeshadow looks. Because I don’t brush past my eyelids, it’s a bit hard to see colours when my eyes are more open. However, when I’m glancing down or close my eyes, my eyeshadow will show.

Why don’t I cover past my eyelids? I’ve had a(n) horrible embarrassing experience with eyeshadow back in 8th grade. For dance performances, we were required to wear bright make up that can be seen from the very back of the auditorium. In 8th grade, I never touched make-up, let alone owned any palettes or anything. So, my friend (Arcy, actually, hahaha), offered to do my make up. Let’s just say… she ended up painting bright purple eyeshadow up the my eyebrows. And we did this last minute so I didn’t even have a chance to check it out because the next performance was due to be backstage. However, when I left the dressing room, my classmates went “Wow… too much, that’s too much” and I took that as a compliment – I trusted Arcy’s make-up skills! Hell, I trusted anyone’s make up skills since I didn’t have any.

Photo 3-22-2014, 5 12 50 PM (1)
Literally, my first eyeshadow experience was like this provided by Arcy. Just imagine the pink as purple!

The worst part? I had two classes after the performance and NOT ONE person told me my eyeshadow made me look like a clown. Not even my best friends! Ever since that experience, I never got my eyeshadow past my lids (professionally done or not). I don’t care if people can’t see any colours unless I lower my glance, but I just can’t do that… not after my clown look.

Why don’t I wing my eyeliner? There are days when I want to wing them out but I never got the hang out it. Although it looks fine to other people, I criticize it so much, I just think the “winged” part looks ugly, so I got the point where I just line my lids, and that’s it. It does make a big difference, given my eye shape, and it’s noticeable so I don’t worry about making anything more dramatic with the winged look.

What else is on my face? I noticed I talked a lot about my eyeshadows. To complete this “look”, I wore local drugstore Vitamin E moisturizer, followed by Rimmel London Stay Matte Power. I covered any redness and breakouts with L’Oreal True Match foundation. Aside from my eyeshadow, I used Revlon liquid eyeliner and Lancome Hypnose Star mascara (seriously, the best thing ever). To finish the look, I brushed ‘Qianle’ blush on my cheekbones ($1 for a super long lasting pigmented blush!) and wore Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick.

I know the products seem more than $5, but being the smart (and cheap) shopper I am, most of these were purchased on sale. The Lancome mascara is actually a sample size from my mum’s lavish Lancome purchases and the L’Oreal foundation was purchased by my mum.

Teehee, I love how I can look great without breaking the bank!

Do you have any “cheap” make-up that you use regularly? What’s your make-up style like – light and bright or heavy and dark?

4 thoughts on “My "Less Than $5" Look!

  1. Sometimes I WISH I weren't so obsessed with make up! It's so time consuming and expensive. haha. But I just love it so much. I love the GIF of yourself, How did you do that! I love the blue in your hair btw!


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