Happy 21st Birthday, Arcy!

Last night was one of my best friend’s 21st birthday. It’s so surreal that I’ve been celebrating her birthday since 2007! It’s even more surprising to know that March is ending and in a week, we’ll welcome April – that means a quarter of the year has gone by already! Can you believe it? I swear it was just only yesterday that we celebrated the countdown for 2014 and now time is flying by so fast.

Is it just me or is time going by faster and faster as we grow older? I never recalled a year going by so fast when I was a kid or in high school. It’s only since I graduated high school have I noticed the time is slipping away… wow, I sound so old.

Arcy had a small dinner for the closest friends. Like me, she’s discovering the loss and gains of friendship and like any women in her early 20’s, we’re pretty much discovering who’s really there or not.

Photo 3-22-2014, 8 26 59 PM
Brownie Sundae!

Our table talk was hilarious. I forgotten how easy-going my girlfriends are, and it made me realize that I need to be more open to these people instead of bottling things to myself.

Our table talk was also nasty. We ended up talking about the distant friendships we’ve had, and the three of us ended up talking about a mutual “friend” and her bad habits. She distant herself when she chose her new boyfriend over us, and now we’re all fed up with her priorities and excuses.

Arcy also planned a big clubbing event after the dinner, but Sharlotte and I bailed out because we’re not down to see some people. To be honest, I don’t want to see certain people too but I’m also not ready to get back into the clubbing scene after the break up. My experiences always includes at least one guy hitting on me, and I wasn’t ready to flirt with people yet.

Photo 3-22-2014, 8 48 39 PM
Sharlotte and I!
Photo 3-22-2014, 8 54 45 PM
Sharlotte, me, and Arcy, the birthday girl. I swear, everytime we have a group photo, I always end up in the middle and look like a little happy child with two grown women, haha. Damn you, asian genes.
Photo 3-22-2014, 8 54 52 PM
Don’t you just love her headband?!

I have about seven months left until I’m legal worldwide, but I’m not counting down. The closer I am to being 19 years old, the happier I am.

I’m at the point where I don’t even remember my own age, and I’m only freaking 20 years old!

When people asked me how old I am, I usually go, “Oh, I’m ninete– wait, umm, I’m twenty. Yeah, twenty.”

And then they can’t decide if I’m lying or telling the truth about my age. I loved being 19. I don’t want to enter my 20’s or even mid 20’s.

Have a fantastic Sunday and a great week!! 😀

PicMonkey Collage
Right, can’t leave this post without some selfies!

5 thoughts on “Happy 21st Birthday, Arcy!

  1. I'm twenty in September and I'm quite happy staying 19 forever! I still look about 14 so even when I say I'm 19 people give me weird looks; I can't imagine it gets easier in your twenties! Sounds like you had a great time – I'm definitely craving that brownie sundae right now, looks delicious. xx


  2. 20s is just.. gnejabgtrajklewhuiatbwalkt. It's true when they say 20s is the highlight of your life for failures, lessons, and ambitions. I miss being 19 😦 don't worry, I have a baby face too and most people think I'm lying when I tell them I'm 20. I'm sure there's a silverlining in having the young genes! 😛


  3. Most people think I'm about 16-17 years old, so they can't even picture me as a legal adult! This one (and only) time, a pharmacist thought I was 22 when I was 18 years old… I was so happy, haha.


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