If you're a cheater (in school), you don't deserve a degree!

I don’t like welcoming the (long) weekend with a rant but since finishing off another class, I’m just so enraged by people that cheat on paper!

I’m a little goody-two-shoes; I’ve never cheated on any of my quizzes and tests (but, I will admit I’ve cheated on projects and assignments but I believe they don’t matter as much as final exams). I remember the first time I got in trouble for cheating back in 4th grade – the guy sitting next to me, Zack* was copying my social studies test… word for word (biggest mistake ever!)! The teacher called us both over the next day and asked why our test papers were exactly the same. I didn’t know what to do but denied that I was copying, and after a 20 minutes interrogation, Zack finally admits to cheating and ended up redoing the test.

I remember in high school, a teacher showed us this short documentary about parents helping their children cheat in university and those students that cheated with the help of their parents are now your lawyers and doctors. How sick is that? Do you want to go to a doctor that couldn’t even pass his exams? I would never want to visit a professional that cheated in their academic career!

I work hard for my grades and if I fail or do poorly, I’d admit that I didn’t study enough. I would never cheat, even if I know I’d fail.

I have classmates that cheats on a daily basis. We have quizzes/short tests and these kids will whip out their cellphones and starts Googling the answers. Easy questions that everyone in the course should be able to answer!

Just a few days ago, a girl and I was absent during a quiz day and my professor was nice enough to allow us to do it in the other room. I was confident because I knew the material well. Another student texted the girl the answer sheet to the quiz (because he’s done it already) and when the other student asked me, “Do you want the answers too? I’ll text it to you.”
“No, I don’t have my phone with me. It’s okay.” I replied.
The student was willing to lend me his phone… at that point, I told him, “No thanks, I’d rather just do the quiz without cheating.”
 The girl looked guilty so she said, “Yeah, same here. I’d rather do it without cheating.”

Let me tell you… one minute into the quiz, she whipped out her phone for the answers. I was mad, frustrated and annoyed with her and the cheaters I gotta deal with. She deliberately stayed behind til I was finished so the professor wouldn’t suspect how a low academic student finished first. In the end, I still got the higher mark.

Every course that I’m with these cheaters, they cheat on daily quizzes, midterms, finals. How stupid is that? If you can’t grasp the concepts being taught for the course, then you deserve to fail and repeat the course. You repeat it until you understand it. Don’t rely on me or other people to cheat off on.

If I had a university, I would automatically suspend/kick the student out of the school, regardless. I have no tolerance for cheaters. I bust my ass off working and studying and these little assholes get a decent passing grade while partying every night.

Would you trust a business manager that cheated his way to his degree? Would you consider hiring an accountant that faked her way through school?


(And yes, I’ve told my campus advisors… they didn’t do anything about the problem.)

4 thoughts on “If you're a cheater (in school), you don't deserve a degree!

  1. I think everyone's been exposed to cheaters in their life time but I've never thought about the fact that they may be the ones I'm one day relying on to diagnose me with an illness or something as important, it's quite scary to think about! I guess in the end it's themselves they're cheating really, they'll always know they haven't really deserved to be where they are. xx


  2. I cannot stand cheaters either. While I've never encountered them in Post-Secondary school I've heard plenty of stories about all the tricks students will try to pass a course. I think to me the negativity of a cheater comes from the self-entitlement the act represents. Cheating is a clear cut declaration by a person (in my opinion at least) that they don't feel they should have to do the same work as everyone else. They want their grade for free, without trying. It's insulting to anyone who puts in the work and studies for their Grades to have people in their midst's who think a grade should be handed out to them on a silver tray.


  3. I can't stand cheaters , too . I always pick a seat at the most front of the class so no one is around me to copy my stuff . When I was class monitor , I would NEVER let anyone cheat. Though a few other classmates rather not telling anyone if they see anyone cheating. Which is purely wrong.


  4. I admit that I've had troubles when it came to studies back then, but I never cheated myself. When I received a failing grade, it just shows that I didn't study, and I accept that. It also showed my interest and motivation with the subject as well. Better get a failing grade than receive a good grade just by cheating/copying answers from someone who studied really hard to learn the material.But wow, what university you've got. My old university has no tolerance for cheaters and they have ways to find out whether a student cheated or not.


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