Snack Attack: 15 minutes kale chips recipe!

One of my new year resolutions is to learn how to cook – yes, it’s sad to admit that I’m a 20 years old “adult” that doesn’t know how to cook much.

But, better late than never! And what’s a perfect way to learn how to cook by starting off with simple dishes?

For all those looking for a healthy snack, I recommend kale chips. They take about 15 minutes (or less!) to make, super affordable and simple! For all those who don’t like kale or haven’t tried kale, I still recommend kale chips because they’re based on you season them! I never had kale before but the chips were amazing. People that said they don’t like kale usually enjoys kale chips too!

To start off, you’ll need:
– a bunch of kale
– olive oil
– salt
– optional: seasoning of your choice

Step 1:
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Wash the kale and then rip them into bite-sized pieces; then lay them out to dry.

Photo 1-15-2014, 8 04 02 PM
Photo 1-15-2014, 7 41 45 PM
It’s best to make sure the veggies are completely dry. Seasoning may have a hard time sticking to the greens if there’s still moisture.

Step 2:
Once your kale is dry (I ended up patting out the left over water with a paper towel), throw them into a bowl and mix with olive oil, salt and your choice of seasoning. Adjust amount according to how much kale you have and your taste in seasoning.

Olive oil, salt, black pepper;
Photo 1-15-2014, 8 12 55 PM
Seasoned and everything! I don’t have a baking sheet (well… my parents lost it) so I’m using an oven-safe plate!

Step 3:
Put into your oven and let it bake for about 15 minutes or until they’re crispy!
*Time depends on the amount of kale on your plate/baking sheet.

Photo 1-15-2014, 8 15 05 PM
Don’t mind what’s upstairs. I was also cooking my dinner :3

End results:

Photo 1-15-2014, 8 32 24 PM
I put mines in for 20 minutes so a majority of them were burnt 😦 I didn’t use much kale so I should have decreased the time but nonetheless, the ones that weren’t burnt were super delicious and crispy! When I finished the plate, I just wanted to make more!
Photo 1-15-2014, 8 02 58 PM
Derpina loves it when I’m making kale chips because that means she gets to eat the left over kale stems.

5 thoughts on “Snack Attack: 15 minutes kale chips recipe!

  1. I've been seeing these kale chips recipes all over Pinterest and blogs, and they sounds delicious! As someone who needs to eat more veggies, I definitely want to try this out


  2. Buuuuuunnies! I swear I squeal that every damn time I see a bunny outside.. I love them. I wouldn't own one because I'm ridiculously allergic but I was excited when I saw your bunny on the screen too! Kale chips! I was just making kale with dinner the other night and I over salted it .. blech, but I was thinking how much I like crispy kale. (My husband was steaming it and ran out of water once and burnt the bottom layer and I loved it.) Sooo I am totally going to make Kale chips.. Thanks for the recipe!


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