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First of all, let’s start by saying I’m not in an online relationship or considering online dating. I’m interested in what people think about online dating. This topic came to me when I was watching Border Security and this American woman had an online relationship with a man in Calgary and was flying there to meet for the first time.

It’s drawn to me that finding a relationship via online dating sites has been growing and growing on a daily basis that it’s common to hear couples say they found each other on (insert dating site). Statistics shows that 1 out of 5 marriages were found on the internet.

The only person I’ve ever known to tried a dating site was one of my high school friends. She invited him to a birthday party and when I asked how the two of them met, my friend let out an embarrassed giggle and said “We met on Plenty of Fish!” I nodded my head, slightly shocked but nonetheless, not judgemental. She later went on about why she tried online dating (she got out of a long term relationship with her high school romance) and how she finds it’s fun and comforting. The two didn’t last very long and I don’t know if she’s still using POF. A close friend of mines signed up for a dating site but closed her profile instantly when she got uncomfortable with the amount of men messaging her.

Now, I’m going to come out and say that I’m not the luckiest person in the dating department. I have my fair struggles of finding a boyfriend (when I’m looking) but I’ve never considered an online dating profile.

I know it’s extremely common now and no longer a taboo, but I find it extremely uncomfortable to list myself on a social network for dating. I feel like I’m selling myself. My biggest fear is having someone I know (regardless of how long we’ve known each other) see my listed profile. Or even have a creepy (God forbid a murder) encounter with the man.. you know, those horrifying date stories that appears on CSI.

But, congratulations on those that found love on the internet. Especially those that’s found a marriage! I think they’re brave to ignore all possibilities and list themselves up on a dating site. I think they’re happy too.

Right now, I may not consider a dating site, but who knows. I could end up focussing too much time on my career that later down the road, I do need to sign up for a dating site.

If the day comes, I’ll let you guys know 😛

Any of you ever tried a dating site? Or know someone that did?

6 thoughts on “Online Dating

  1. Hey, everyone always finds it disturbing but one of my best friends is actually in a serious relationship with someone she met on the internet and they met up not so long ago and she's never been the same! x


  2. I met my husband online (just a social site not a dating site). We spoke a lot just as friends first then I took a trip to meet him and ended up moving to the other side of the world. Four years later we're married with two children. I guess it's different though because we weren't searching for relationships that just happened


  3. I've come to a realisation, at some point in our lives it becomes incredibly difficult to meet new people. Without school or a new work environment, the internets' "Random" selection could possibly be the only way. I guess at our age it is a bit too soon because there are probably many more chances to meet new people. But I'm way too anxious of a person to consider internet, hearing the creepy stories is rather creepy. And how can we distinguish the loveful or the lustful.


  4. I've done online dating before! I didn't find it weird at all. I even got two partners out of it. They were nice people but yeah, no click. Haha. My mum met her husband on a dating site and well, they're married so that worked out well! Haha.


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