I fell in love… with Target Canada! ♥

Last night, I got to shop at Target Lansdowne Mall before the general grand opening because my friend works there and invited a few of us to the friends/family event.

Despite it was only a friends/family event, a lot of people showed up and the line up was huge! It moved fairly quickly though.

Everything was so neat and tidy, well organized and bright. It’s hard to believe that at point, that used to be a crappy Zellers store. The energy was great and staff were super helpful. Even though it’s out in Richmond, until the other Target stores open nearby, I think I’ll find myself shopping there for a while. They have a great selection on gifts – seriously, if you’re one of the last minute shoppers (like me), this place is like heaven.

I didn’t purchase much because I didn’t need much. I did however, wanted to check out the make-up, clothes and accessories departments… but since I was shopping with a bunch of guys, I don’t think they wanted to check that out, haha. When I passed by, the bags looks amazing and they had great sweaters too… ugh, I can’t wait to stop by and do some clothes shopping!

Photo 11-12-2013, 6 46 33 PM
They had the BEST Christmas department I’ve ever laid eyes on. Props to the team!
Photo 11-12-2013, 7 31 22 PM
We have a Jewish friend and we just love bugging him about it (in a non-racist way).
Photo 11-12-2013, 10 21 35 PM
I thought this was a nice little hat for the winter time and I ended up buying it because it was only $6… I didn’t want to try it in store and when I got home, it ended up to be a big beanie… I’m not too sure how I feel about beanies. Oh, and lucky me, I removed the tags before I tried it on so I can’t even return it! I might get my mom to fix it up into a smaller hat.
Photo 11-12-2013, 10 22 05 PM
Long story short, the notebook I have since Sept 2012 got soaked with water. The pages still aren’t dried yet but it’s all a wreck for the bottom half. So I ended up buying a notebook… gah, they had such cute selections but I ended up with Hello Kitty… it even has glitter!
Photo 11-12-2013, 10 22 22 PM
I LOVE Christmas if you don’t know that already. I was looking to purchase a small Christmas tree with fiber optics in the end but Target didn’t have any. However, they had this mini light up tree… I love it! The size is perfect enough for my tiny room but I still wanted a slightly bigger one… :/ next year maybe?
I love Target Canada… ^__^

8 thoughts on “I fell in love… with Target Canada! ♥

    1. I heard it's not that crowded, even for a grand opening! I guess the hype of Target has died down, haha. But I agree, I completely hated Zellers, especially the staff there – they were always old gumpy ladies refusing to help. Hated everything about Zellers.


  1. I used to work at Target, and just so you know they'll return ANYTHING to the store no matter if it's used/tags are gone/whatever. (They returned swimsuits all summer long, just to give you an idea). Their policy is always to make the "guest" happy. Just take your receipt and if you don't even have that they'll still take it back because they can make a new tag for it.


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