Why is it that when I have a job, I tend to blow money too quickly?

So, I finally secured a job over at Staples as a Copy Center Associate… yay… ??? It’s only a temporary job (about 9-10 months) until my co-op from school kicks in (co-op is when the school finds a company related to your studies and gets you a paid position with the company for a few months. Think of it as getting experience before graduation).

I love it to far – extremely slack environment and management and great hours to fit my schedule. Since I know nothing about papers and related goods and those big office printers, I had a lot to learn during my first week at Staples. I picked it up fairly quickly and I feel somewhat confident. This coming Saturday will be my first shift without a senior partner… super nervous!

Last week, and today, hasn’t been the greatest. For personal reasons, the past week I’ve barely eaten anything or slept (which makes thing even crappier because my shifts starts at 7:30am/8am) and been crying nearly everyday. I felt like giving up on Friday but fought through this weekend and held onto hope. All I know is that I’m an emotional wreck right now and I really hope that this hope I’m holding onto and the pain I’ve been through will be worth it in the end. I wouldn’t know what to do if things didn’t turn out great, to be honest.

Since my mental state was haywire, I literally went on a shopping spree almost everyday the past week. The amount of times I’ve been to Starbucks and reloading my card is ridiculous. I’ve been spending far more than I usually would when I go out to eat – whenever I do feel like eating, it’s always sushi and I overspent on my sushi meals.

I also ended up shopping for clothes and make-up… which I felt like I really shouldn’t have done.

Photo 11-5-2013, 5 40 11 PM
A cut out dress from H&M. I ended up getting the purple one because I felt it looked better and I have waaaay too many black dresses.
Photo 11-10-2013, 10 31 32 PM
I got a new eyeshadow palette too… look at all those neutral colours! I love the glitter in it and best part is, it isn’t too much when I apply it!

I guess… I can get back on my savings path once everything is fixed and better… :/


2 thoughts on “Why is it that when I have a job, I tend to blow money too quickly?

    1. Props to you for purchasing the backless dress! I only have one or two backless dress that I still don't know what event(s) to wear it to because it seems too "flashy" for a dinner, for example. Clubbing will be a good suggestion but I rarely hit the clubs.


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