Who doesn't know Carrie was based upon a novel?!


So, guess who finally got to see Carrie today?!

When I heard they were doing a remake of this, I was extremely excited and while I am a bit skeptical how on well remakes live up to the original one, I was right about this movie as soon as I saw the trailer – the remake of Carrie IS AMAZING!

I loved the opening scene, it was extremely intense. It pretty much made my top 5 opening scenes I’ll remember. I felt Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Mortez portrayed their characters to well, you gave give Carrie and Margaret White a new face (if you’re used to picturing Carrie as portrayed by Sissy Spacek). I also enjoyed the modernization of the entire story… and oh, my goodness, I can’t get over the beautiful colour of Mortez’s hair in this film.

However, a bigger thumbs up is that the plot for this remake follows the novel written by Stephen King! I got super excited when they included Sue’s minor story line, and the ending scene of Carrie’s house AND when Sue testifies about the events months later.

That being said, as I walked out of the theatres, I overheard a group of young high school kids mentioning how they didn’t know that Carrie was based off a book. One of my friends that watched the movie with me also admitted that he didn’t know it was based off a book (and as Ender’s Game is approaching, he didn’t know that movie was based a novel too).

I instantly thought… how do people NOT know Carrie is based on a book? How this remake has more connections towards the book than the original movie did. I mean… it’s Stephen King! I honestly consider Carrie to be a classic.

As a bookworm, I’ve read this book ages ago and just listening to these kids and my friend makes me realize how pathetic our society is for not reading such great literature. In fact, nobody is reading at all! A lot of people, young and/or old, feel like reading is for “nerds” and it’s “uncool and lame”. I don’t care if you read newspapers, magazines (Time, National Geographic, etc.) or general novels, but just read something! It sickens me how people are so afraid of books. Don’t read romance if it’s not your genre; read sports related novels, or horror novels. Any type of genre.

As society is getting younger, and technology is getting better, I actually fear the later generations would discard books and focus on Facebook. I personally find it extremely unattractive if you claim “I’ve never read a book in my life” or admitting books are lame/etc. If you don’t read, I can’t be friends with you. I don’t care if you read Time Magazine or a book about knitting, as long as you read, I’m content.

When I grow older and have kids of my own… trust me, I’ll be introducing them to books before technology.

2 thoughts on “Who doesn't know Carrie was based upon a novel?!

  1. I totally agree! People need to start READING! It's so much better to get lost in a book rather than a movie. Come on people! I've never read Carrie, but I fully intend to. It's been on my "to-read" list for forever. I really want to see this re-remake so much!


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