Celebrating my 20th… Alone! (!!!)

Okay, well… technically I didn’t celebrate it alone as I was with my friends last night. But seeing as the 20th is actually my birthday, it’s being spent alone…. 😦

 This is literally the last photo of me in my teen years. Taken just a few hours before the 20th and a few hours before my birthday dinner. Scrubbed and au-natural, haha.

I wish I’ve taken pictures during my birthday dinner but… nope, it didn’t happened. My friends took a few pictures but they haven’t uploaded them (plus, I look extremely unflattering in the angles). However, the dinner was amazing. I had a delicious burger, my friends got to meet and get to know my boyfriend, and it turned out great in general. After dinner, we went to a strip club but despite how entertaining it was, I was a bit bummed out because a lot of my friends decided to bail out right after dinner despite knowing the plans of a strip club. I guess they weren’t ready as they said they were?

Unfortunately, we had to end the night because I had a 9:30AM flight out to Toronto for a job training (I’ll blog about that after I come back!). Right now, I’m just sitting in my hotel room… alone 😦

I’m on Skype with my boyfriend but he’s more interested in the hockey game than messaging me.. boys. I can’t believe it’s already 8:30PM and back in Vancouver, it’s only 5:30.. I’m still in awe about the whole time change despite being in the same country.

Anywho, this blog post is just random. I’m just extremely bored in my hotel room. Did not expect to experience my 20th birthday this way, haha.

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