Umm… Am I Missing Out on my "Young Adult" Phrase?

We’ve all heard it before, that your early 20s are some of our best years in our lives to party, drink, and “discover ourselves”.

The legal age in BC to hit the club is 19 years old, and I’ve turned 19 years old 38a8a836b79f11e2bba622000a1fbc9c_7last year October. The thought of me “missing out” on my young adult years came to me when I was talking to my boyfriend and keeping in touch with my friends. My boyfriend told me in his early 20s (well, to be fair, he’s only 24 but quit the clubbing scene last year), he would pretty much hit the clubs every weekend or so and get wasted/hammered. My friends my age (19-20 years old) do the same every weekend and since summer just ended, almost everyday.

And I thought… wow, the amount of times I go clubbing can’t even match their month’s quota. I enjoy clubbing from time to time, and have developed my favourite club(s) to visit, but I wouldn’t classify myself as a frequent clubber. I find it too exhausting, expensive, and sometimes even uncomfortable. Plus, I hate being cold because coat check isn’t worth $20.

But just listening to my boyfriend’s stories and seeing all these clubbing photos makes me feel like I’m not living up my young adult years.

e2102572a0b411e284c322000a1fbca9_7I’m so focused on school, like I just want to finish my education and start my career. I’m too focused on my non-existent HR career path (planning, digging more information, etc.). On Friday nights, after a long day of school, I just want to relax or hanging out with my friends. I don’t want to get ready to dance in a crowded place with sweaty (and stinky) people. I’d rather sit in a bar and casually hang with my friends.

My boyfriend tells me, it’s good that I’m not a clubber. He’s attracted to my work ethics and determination. He tells me I’m more mature for my age. In general, he’s glad that I’m not a party girl because his lifestyle isn’t about clubs anymore.

My friends tell me that I’m smart not to waste my money on clubbing and that focusing on work and school will be worth it in the long run.

But despite what they tell me, a part of me feelings upset that I’m losing out on the experience. I don’t have crazy party stories to tell friends and to be honest, I’m sometimes afraid that people will think I’m too “boring/plain”. Drinking in bars is so much different that clubbing. A lot of my older friends that left the clubbing scene enjoys the bar scenes and so do I, but friends my age hasn’t realized the greatness of bars yet.

One thought on “Umm… Am I Missing Out on my "Young Adult" Phrase?

  1. Girl, you are SO not missing out on anything. I never did the clubbing scene in my early 20s like so many of my friends, and I have zero regrets. I, like you, wanted to relax from school. I even spent some Friday nights doing homework. I remember at the time wondering if I was missing out on something too, but looking back I know I was not. We all have fun in different ways, and I was much more fulfilled staying home with friends or relaxing than getting wasted at a club. Plus, not partying so much definitely helped with the schoolwork 🙂 So keep doing what you're doing. You're not missing out on anything, I promise!


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