Some Canadians seem to have forgotten we're ALL immigrants…

This is a last minute blogging topic that popped into my mind just a few minutes ago.

What happened was, while I was relaxing and reading my book, outside in my neighbourhood, a guy was yelling his head off, screaming about parking spots, and throwing curse words out there. 


Curious, I looked to see what the problem was. Turns out, a Chinese family has parked in front of the house next door and one of the residents, a Caucasian male, came out and started yelling at the family, telling them they’re ‘a**sholes‘ and they’re parked on his property which leaves him no room to park his own car…


And it’s understandable; I sometimes share the same frustration of other neighbours parking their car on my property – but everyone needs to understand that the rise of families renting because they can’t afford their own homes means 10x more cars than there was before. I have to share the parking spaces with my tenants, and also my neighbours tenants, etc. You can see how 2-3 families in one house, with an average of 2 cars each can cause a lack of parking spaces on the curbs.


But that’s besides the point. The man yelled ‘stupid f**king Chinks‘ before storming off. And that kind of pissed me off (because even though I am Canadian, ethnically I will always be Chinese). And keep in mind, I never got along with this particular household to begin with because they’re all 30-40 years old men living together and there’s always a new resident while the old one leaves… sketchy eh?


It infuriates me to think that a lot of Caucasians think that they belong to Canada because they’re “white”. NO.


I am as much of a Canadian as you are, buddy.


Because you know why?


We’re all immigrants, and yes, despite me being born in Canada, I would still consider myself an immigrant. My kids in the future will still be immigrants.


Because, Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics, etc. no matter what the generation is, will always be immigrants in Canada.


The true Canadians are the First Nations people that inhabited Canada for centuries, before it was discovered.


Canada is a land of immigrants now but before all that, it was the land of First Nations.


And “white” people seem to forget that.

5 thoughts on “Some Canadians seem to have forgotten we're ALL immigrants…

  1. Oh man, I can't imagine the hassle of having to find parking with so many people living in one street. I usually deal with that every day during the school year when I have to find parking at school. But seriously, comment about calling the family "chinks" is uncalled for.It's practically the same in the United States.. Caucasians usually think they belong to the US. It's actually the Native Americans who belong to the United States. Aside of that, I hope you will never get confronted by that white man. ,__," Unless you want to and snap back at him :p.Take care!


  2. Oh that man is really disguting and stupid, of course all are inmigrants not for born in Canada you´re Canadian if all your family is another site in the world. Many stupid people in this world. Interesting your post!


  3. This is soooo applicable to Australia as well, so I definitely share your frustrations. White Australians are treated as the default, and "Australian" is still sometimes used to mean white, which is so stupid – because as an Australian born Chinese person I'm completely erased from the picture (not to mention the fact that Indigenous Australians were here first anyway!).


  4. Oh God, that's the story of Quebec's life. They're constantly talking about being "Quebecois" and are extremely xenophobic (English is a huge threat to them). In Quebec, you're not Canadian, oh no, you're Quebecois or else you're a foreigner. English speakers get told off for speaking English because "ici, on parle francais." Excuse me, last time I checked, Quebec is part of Canada, as much as you like to pretend otherwise. It infuriates me that I'm living in a province that is so culturally and politically backward.And I know exactly what you're talking about. I have neighbours across the street at that are EXACTLY like that. They all seem to have no jobs and they are rude and disrespectful. They beat their wives/gfs (cops have been called multiple times) and have called their landlord (who is African American) a ni**er to his face! And there seems to be a million of them that live there, people going in and coming out at all hours during the day/night.Ok. rant over, sorry for spamming your comments' box >_<


  5. I don't really know how to comment on this… Mostly because I'm well aware that probably 50% of the people I know are exactly like your awful neighbours. I am Canadian, absolutely, and I am white. But it's safe to say that I'd never call myself Canadian, not proudly at least. Sure, that's what it says on my passport, and this is where I was born; but to me and my family- we'll always be Scottish, because that'e where all of my grandparents immigrated here from. I guess that'd make me third generation Canadian? I'm a ginger kid, though, covered in freckles with red hair, green eyes, and very fair skin. So even though I probably LOOK Canadian, because like you said- stereotype is white poeople… If anyone has ever been to Scotland, they'll realize that an extremely large percentage of the population looks exactly like me there than they do in Canada.There will be prejudice people everywhere you go, no matter what. But you know what- it makes you a stronger person, because you've had to deal with all this bullshit from white people in Canada who think they own the country. I'm very well aware that we don't own the country. I'm a prejudice person, I'll be the first to admit it. But my prejudice has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, or the country someone's family originated from. My prejudice has to do with work ethic and contribution to this country. Those guys that are your neighbours are examples of people that piss me off. But so do first generation immigrants that come into this country and don't get a job. Race, skin colour, religion- it doesn't matter to me. It's all the same if they're lazy as fuck and don't contribute to this country.Wow, what a rant. xDDDLove this post! Btw!


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