The adventue of job hunting… yay! (NOT!)

As some of you may know, I’ve left the best job I’ve ever had back in May (so come 2 more days, it’ll be officially 2 months since I’ve been unemployed).
I had conflicts with some of the managers (it wasn’t a major reason) and they cut back my hours significantly that I couldn’t even make ends meet on my phone bill and credit card bills (Put it this way, I was officially working 13 hours/week or 26 hours per paycheck during the last few months I was employed there).
Of course, if things hasn’t changed, I would still be there – laughing with my co workers, texting on the floor, playing with gadgets/electronics, staff price shopping, etc. Trust me when I said it was the best job – because it literally was like getting paid to hang out with friends.
So, as soon as I left the job (well, not even – I started looking before I handed in my two weeks notice… and I’ll get back on why I didn’t find a job before my two weeks notice), I’ve scattered the internet for various jobs that I can see myself working for and that’s usually customer service and selling electronics.
I’ve applied to all major retailers I can think of in the Downtown Vancouver area (I’ve realized it’s much easier of a commute from home and from school than my previous job). I’ve got lucky enough and some called and some ignored my amazing application.
 So let me filled you in all my 100+ applications and a few of my interviews.
Of all my resumes sent, only a handful of selected employers contacted me.
Now it goes two ways:
1) Great, I would love to set up an interview with you!
2) I’m sorry, this is for a full time position and since you’re in school, we cannot accommodate to your schedule.
And lucky me, for the interviews I did attend:
“Sorry, we’re actually looking for a full time position… I should have mentioned that on the phone.”
And some retailers *ahem*, decides to keep me on strings. They’ll call, I’ll head to the interview, they like me, they’re okay with my schedule… “I’ll get back to you in two weeks”… don’t hear for them about a month… calls me back and says, “Yes, we’ll like for you to come in for a second interview”
Yes… I’ve given up on working for those retailers because of how disorganized they were (and trust me, business was not the problem).
Oh, as for the employers that ignored my resume… I see them posting ads looking for associates… which baffles me because my resume qualified for what they were seeking for.. uhhh??
So, after being discouraged with my stupid full time school schedule, I realized – I’m only in school for another year and a half… why do I need to put so much stress on myself (the jobs I was applying for are sales target orientated and I do get stressed out easily when I don’t hit targets)? On top of that, come August 2014, thanks to my paid co-op, I’ll have a new job.. guaranteed!
Now, I’ve decided to just apply for cashier positions in mostly groceries stores/drug stores that opens late (I need my employer to have late hours so it allows me to fit work hours after my afternoon classes). I’ve done POS positions and enjoyed it fairly well. I just need something to get me through until my co-op kicks in. And I just need a job that won’t cause me that much stress. And cashier positions are usually the most flexible positions with scheduling.
Right now, my application for Shoppers is just a few days old so I’ll wait patiently for them to give me a call.. hopefully. My boyfriend is helping me out by putting out a reference to one of the managers for the company he works for but of course, in a different location (NEVER work with someone you’re dating… unless you guys are set to marry or something)… and as for me, I’m still constantly refreshing the part-time jobs categories of various job boards.
I really, really, really, need a job ASAP. 
I don’t know what to do with all this free time.
PS: For those who are wondering why I handed in my two weeks notice before securing a job… I did secure a job over at my local Value Village thanks to a friend… but clothing retail doesn’t work out for me. I didn’t like the people there, the environment, and the work environment. I left after orientation and decided it wasn’t my thing.

7 thoughts on “The adventue of job hunting… yay! (NOT!)

  1. Oh job hunting! It's so hard sometimes, especially when you are not even done with college. I finished my job last September and just got one a month ago.I know you will do amazing and find a job soon, it just takes sometime but the right one does come to you 🙂


  2. I remember job-hunting days. From age 14years until I was 19, I sent resumes out on a weekly basis. How insane it was, and disregarde the time I spent, it was the lack of communication and response after I sent my resume. It wasn't until last year I got my big break, I decided to sacrafice time and do unpaid jobs to build it up which finally landed me a job.It was really frustrating being 19 and being rejected because though I was old, I had no real experience… and no one seem to give me a chance. grrr.Well good luck! I'm sure you'll get things done


  3. Ugh, job hunting is so stressful – I feel your pain! I'm sorry to hear that you haven't found anything yet but hopefully you can find something soon even if it is just at a grocery or drug store. But hey, money's money! That was also really crappy that they didn't mention that it was a full time position until you arrived at the interview. What a waste of time for both parties. I have a summer job, but when I go back to school I have to start looking for a new job. I'm really nervous, because I have a car payment and college itself to pay for. :/ Best of luck to you!


  4. Oh job hunting, I remember it. It sure is difficult but I wish you luck finding something out there. It's never easy and potential employers can almost be downright cruel.


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