Blogger Blocks… sigh.

My life is not interesting enough to share crazy stories everyday.

For me, that’s the downside of having a life blog.. I mean, if I was ever remotely good with beauty, I’ll probably be posting reviews, trends, tutorials, etc.

But alas, I can’t even put on clown make-up..

So, to break this block, I’d do what I do best when I haven’t posted in a while..
I make a pretty list of what is going on with my life.
  • My job searching isn’t going well… it’s been one month since I left my previous job and despite applying to a lot places, very few called back and those that I had an interview with, they didn’t accept me 😦 (I just realized the way I present myself in an interview has changed dramatically which I think contributed to companies not hiring me.. gotta reevaluate my interview skills again)
  • In the past few days, I’ve had the worst few days of my life. I will share the story eventually but right now I’m still absorbing the fact that that happened to me.
  • While spending time with D., I’ve started to get the meaning of true friendship and sadly enough, at the end of the day, I’ve been constantly thinking about my friends and I hate to admit it, but they’re nothing compared to D.’s friends. Which I’ve been getting to know a bit more now.
  • Remember Mia? When I got Mia, I have never been around a cat or touched one in my life. So after about a week with Mia, I’ve noticed I’m sneezing a lot more, runny noses and stuffy nose whenever I’ve played with her or she’s around… so that means I need to put her up for adoption 😦
  • School’s school. I get along with most of my classmates compared to when I first started the class.
  • And finally, as of right now, I think I’m developing a cold… or I’m just super allergic to my surroundings.

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