Collective Haul: Joe Fresh, Value Village, DVDs + Others!

Over the past few weeks, I went to shopping sprees and mini shopping trips. Ugh, it’s so bad because I want to save for school and summer :(! But I always see these cheap stuff, it just makes me want to roll my bank card! Either way, this post is image heavy (okay, NOT thaaaat much… but still) of just the random stuff I’ve purchased recently.

Let’s hope that I don’t spend anymore and save up my next few paychecks!

From Joe Fresh:
Joe Fresh is so underrated… great stuff for a great price! Really modern stuff, love love love it.

A bright pink rain poncho! Since Spring is closing in, it usually means RAIN in Vancouver! I’m not making the same mistakes as before… not going to be soaking wet!
I bought 2 of these because they were only $8 and 100% Cotton! I got one in  a slightly darker green than this and a light purple 🙂
Yeeeee buddy… bright yellow rainboots! Ya’ll gonna be jealous when you see me in these and my feet are perfectly warm and not soaked, haha.

From Value Village:
When I went to shop at VV, I didn’t expect to pick so much. I just wanted maybe one or two jackets for Spring but ended up grabbing almost everything I picked off the rack. Regardless, it was still better than buying all these in full price!

A light jacket/windbreaker from Gap! Originally this is about $80-$90 but got it for $17.99! Bonus: it’s waterproof too! Perfect for the upcoming season.
A Roxy jacket for $4.99. I probably only owned like 2 Roxy stuff but I’m still a fan of their brand. I just have a hard time finding Roxy stuff in Vancouver.
A TNA light jacket for $12.99. TNA stuff usually retails to about $60+. I’m not a big fan of TNA and to be honest, this is the first TNA thing I own but… the jacket did look good on me, haha.
Hollister hoodie for $6.99. I’m not a Hollister fan but I realized I don’t have a pink hoodie (and I want a pink hoodie!) so I ended up grabbing this. Really light and perfect for the warmer days or when I go to work.
A summer dress for $9.99. I saw it on a rack and was iffy about it but my friend and the dressing room associate both said it was super cute and for $10, it’s not that bad. Looking back, I probably wouldn’t have paid $10 but whatever, it’s still a cute dress!
A SUPER COMFY sweater cardigan for $7.99!! All the ones that I got are either too light or too much piling so I get cold but I can’t wait to use this for those summer nights on the beaches 🙂

Finally, I just purchased these random stuff:

From Call it Spring! (aka Spring shoes store). I’ve always wanted a cute backpack for going out because I was getting tired of carrying bags or having such a small bag… loooove it!
From Old Navy. Honestly, it doesn’t look that stiff in person, haha. 
I get a lot of DVDs on staff prices so when they’re cheap, they get cheaper for me. I found a lot of triple sets so I grabbed them instantly. Just a few DVDs I picked up from Best Buy, Future Shop, Superstore, HMV and eBay.

 Aaaaaaaaaaand that concludes my collective haul of random purchases. Like I said, I’m thrilled I got these but I gotta stop spending now 😦

Until next time!

15 thoughts on “Collective Haul: Joe Fresh, Value Village, DVDs + Others!

  1. Oooh, such cute items! Makes me realize I really need to go shopping! I love the yellow rain boots and the TNA jackets. It's even better when everything is such a good sale!


  2. Hey Jess! I was just browsing through your blog and flickr and I noticed that you said you unsuccessfully completed project 365 twice! I compliment you for trying. I admit that it can be very tedious, time consuming and sometimes you just want to forget that you started such a commitment. I'm really loving your project 52, 52 self portraits! Eek. I can't event smile properly for a camera when another person is taking it. I think it's a really good idea to see how much you have changed/grown in the time span of a year. (Wow, this comment is getting pretty long). The dress is pretty cute and Karate Kid is awesome. 🙂


  3. Going on shopping sprees is awesome! But it's not easy when you're on a budget or want to save. It's for a good long-term cause though! All of the things you bought looks so nice! I love wearing Hollister clothes and you definitely got a great deal for that hoodie! I'm loving the cardigan and backpack! I hope you enjoyed all of the purchases you made :D!


  4. I have to save money for school too, but whenever i see these kind of deals think that it is like once in a lifetime opportunity, and if I don't get it while it's on sale I will never have it lol


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